About Us

Trish Egginton leads @designParadigms with over 20 years of combined architectural design, building services, computer-aided design (CAD), and planning authority submission experience. Graduating with a degree in Architecture, she then passed the Architects Board Examinations and qualified as an Architect.
With most architectural practices having moved on to computer-aided design, she went on to upgrade her skills that  included training not just in the industry standard software, Autocad, but also in ArcCAD, a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software. Recent certifications and training included the popular BIM (Building Information Modelling) softwares, Archicad, Autodesk Revit, and Microstation Triforma.
Her work and training experience covered 3 countries; namely, Singapore, Australia and Philippines. Now based in the UK, she is back doing what she loves best, architectural design.
Why the name "@designParadigms"?
Wikipedia has a description for the term "design paradigms". It says, "design paradigms can be used either to describe a design solution, or as an approach to design problem solving.....the approach is akin to the use of metaphor in language; metaphors are used to help explain concepts that are new or unfamiliar, and to bridge between a problem we understand and a problem we don't. "
We strive to be that 'metaphor', helping in the full understanding of your needs thus enabling us to arrive at a comprehensive solution.